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Parent with Incontinence? A Good Discussion Parent with Incontinence? A Good Discussion
If you have a parent who is incontinent, you might feel like you are in uncharted territory, but do not feel alone. It is a challenge few expect to deal with as their parents age. But neither you, nor your parents, should feel embarrassed about this issue that many seniors will face for one reason o...
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CBD for the Elderly: Benefits and Advantages CBD for the Elderly: Benefits and Advantages
While CBD’s therapeutic properties are certainly beneficial for all age groups, the over 50 population may benefit from CBD consumption most of all. More than a third of Americans are at least 50 years old. More than 46 million Americans are age 65 or older. As the Baby Boomer population ages, ol...
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Are You Confused Between Brief or Protective Underwear?

Brief vs Protective Underwear?

There is a wide misconception regarding the styles of incontinence products, and this article will clear it up.  In incontinence terminology, a “Brief” is an OPEN style product with Tape-Tabs that attach at the hips!  A pull-on style product that is stepped into and p...

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First Coast Medical Supply Announces Release of Line of CBD Products From CBD ReThink
As we talk to seniors and their caregivers, we have often heard about the benefits the CBD products and the way that it has changed their lives for the better. We felt that by offering a line of CBD products, First Coast Medical could extend our support for seniors and make a difference in their hea...
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We scoured the CBD market for a manufacturer that produced a quality product at an affordable price that we would feel comfortable offering our customers.
What is the difference between a Brief and Protective Underwear?
First Coast Medical & Dental -Tuesday, January 26, 2016
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